Northeast Travis County and Webberville Historic Resources Surveys

Project Name: Northeast Travis County and Webberville Historic Resources Surveys

Project Location: Northeast Travis County and Webberville, Texas

Project Type: Historic Resources Surveys

Owner: Travis County Historical Commission

Hicks & Company historians conducted two historic resources surveys for the Travis County Historical Commission (TCHC) funded through the Certified Local Government (CLG) grant program. The surveys documented historic resources within portions of the county including Northeast Travis County and the Webberville area. The TCHC divided Travis County into several survey areas as part of a multi-year, phased survey project. The ultimate purpose of the survey initiative was to provide a comprehensive evaluation of historic resources throughout Travis County. Hicks & Company historians worked closely with the TCHC and the CLG staff at the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to meet each survey’s specific planning goals. Fieldwork was conducted to identify, map, and photograph historic-age resources for each survey. Both survey reports included historic contexts, survey results, and recommendations for further study or designation. The final survey reports were submitted to the THC in August 2010 and September 2012 and are available for review on the TCHC website.