Gregg County Downtown Gladewater Historic Resources Survey

Project Name: Gregg County Downtown Gladewater Historic Resources Survey

Project Location: Gladewater, Gregg County, Texas

Project Type: Historic Resources Survey

Owner: Gregg County Historical Commission

Hicks & Company historians conducted a historic resources survey of downtown Gladewater, Texas, as the first phase of a survey plan for the Gregg County Historical Commission (GCHC).  Volunteers from the GCHC, the Gladewater Museum, and the Gladewater Chamber of Commerce assisted historians with documentation of resources during the field survey and were instrumental in providing background information about Gladewater and Gregg County. Over 250 historic-age resources were documented within downtown Gladewater. Sixty (60) resources were recommended individually eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Place (NRHP), and two areas were evaluated for potential historic district designation.  Although not funded through the Texas Historical Commission (THC), all work was conducted in accordance with THC survey standards and included a research design, a draft and final survey report, a THC survey database, THC survey forms, and a THC survey inventory table. The final report was accepted by the GCHC in August 2018 and is available for review and download on the GCHC website.