Kilgore Historic Resources Survey Report

Project Name: Kilgore Vicinity Historic Resources Survey Report

Project Location: Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas

Project Type: Historic Survey

Owner: Gregg County Historical Commission

Hicks & Company completed a Historic Resources Survey within the vicinity of Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas, on behalf of the Gregg County Historical Commission (GCHC). The survey conformed to all requirements of the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC’s) guidelines. Project deliverables included a draft and final Historic Resources Survey Report, THC survey forms for each surveyed resource, digital photos of each surveyed resource, a THC Access database, a survey inventory table, and detailed GIS maps identifying all surveyed resources. The survey area of downtown Kilgore and the historic Meadowbrook neighborhood was field surveyed by Hicks & Company historians and volunteers from the GCHC. Historians collected survey data in the field, and volunteers photodocumented over 300 historic-age properties. A total of 33 properties were given a high-preservation-priority rating, meaning resources that retained high architectural integrity and best represented the historic development of Kilgore.