Jewett Mine Houston Toad Survey

Project Name: Jewett Mine Houston Toad Survey

Project Location: Leon, Freestone, and Limestone Counties, Texas

Project Type: Endangered Species Survey

Owner: Blackland Environmental, LLC

Hicks & Company completed presence/absence surveys for the Houston toad on two permit areas of the Jewett Mine in Leon, Freestone, and Limestone counties. Over 2,000 acres were surveyed during four breeding seasons. Survey design and duration was coordinated with U.S. Fish and Wildlife staff and followed their survey protocol. Nearest known localities of the Houston toad were also surveyed during each breeding season to document chorusing behavior.  The survey consisted of a combination of listening stops, pond surveys and audio recording survey. Pond survey locations were visually inspected for toads, tadpoles, and egg strands, and play-back tapes were utilized following a five-minute listening period to confirm the absence of the Houston toad. Additionally, audio recorders were utilized within the survey areas throughout the duration of the breeding season.  A total of 13 anuran species were identified within the surveyed areas. Surveys over the four breeding seasons within the permit areas resulted in negative findings for the Houston toad; however, Houston toads were heard chorusing on multiple nights over multiple breeding seasons at one of the nearest known locality sites.