Zilker Park Excavation

Project Name: Zilker Park Excavation

Project Location: Central Austin, Travis County, Texas

Project Type: Archeological Services

Owner: City of Austin

Archeologists from Hicks & Company participated in a large archeological excavation of 10,000-year-old components of an archeological site buried more than 8 feet below the ground surface in the heart of Austin’s Zilker Park. Conducted for the City of Austin, Hicks & Company was an integral member of the excavation team whose duties included extensive prefield investigations, site mapping, safety assurance and OSHA compliance, site excavations, field analysis, and other duties. Hicks & Company’s staff archeologists were integral in the project’s extensive public involvement component, developing the excavation’s data-rich and user-friendly website, and guiding public information sessions at the site. In June 2009, field excavations were concluded and the laboratory analysis and report writing tasks were completed.