Capitol Complex Archeological Field Investigations

Project Name: Capitol Complex Archeological Field Investigations

Project Location: Austin, Travis County, Texas

Project Type: Archeological Background Study and Archival Review 

Owner: Texas Facilities Commission (TFC)

Hicks & Company prepared an archeological background study and archival review for the Capitol Complex Phase 2 project in downtown Austin, Texas, which proposed to construct two new state office buildings and associated parking facilities. The document provided a summary of environmental factors affecting the archeological preservation potential; a review of archeological sites and previous investigations and projects; a historical narrative and review of relevant archival records; and recommendations concerning archeological site preservation potential. Hicks & Company determined that the project area had the potential to impact archeological deposits dating to ca. 1865 to 1890, consistent with the time period of interest (pre-1890) defined by the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and recommended investigations were warranted to examine a former store site on West 15th Street, a tenement on Colorado Street, and various homesites. Hicks & Company archeologists commenced work on the field survey in June 2022. Using the 1889 Sanborn map as a guide, archeologists laid out a trenching plan and excavated a total of seventy-seven trenches and seven test units, uncovering building foundations, cisterns, privies, and numerous associated artifacts.