Lost Maples 04The Hicks & Company archeology team specializes in prehistoric  and historic archeological investigations to assure compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), state regulatory agencies’ cultural resource policies, and other applicable city or county regulations. This includes archeological survey, testing, data recovery, and report production in support of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) prompted environmental assessments (EA, EIS, EID, CE documents), archeological impact evaluations, cultural resource inventory efforts, and Section 106 compliance. With expertise in both prehistoric and historic archeology, the archeology team regularly manages diverse compliance projects ranging from highway and utility development to public park surveys.

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Our Staff Archeologists come from diverse backgrounds in archeological and anthropological studies with professional cultural resource management (CRM) experience in: Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and California, as well as experience overseas in Belize. For projects within the state of Texas, our location in downtown Austin gives us convenient access to regulatory agencies, ensuring prompt and effective coordination for our clients. We regularly work closely with the Texas Historical Commission and other agencies to facilitate efficient and timely regulatory compliance. Hicks & Company maintains thorough understanding of the most current compliance legislation and regulatory procedures governing CRM practice.

Since its inception, Hicks & Company has taken an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to all cultural resource studies, integrating diverse analyses to provide a comprehensive finished product. Hicks & Company’s experienced Staff Archeologists conduct oral history interviews, along with archival and secondary source research in support of numerous projects. Additionally, the archeology staff regularly integrates geomorphological studies, faunal analysis, macrobotanical analyses, radiocarbon dating, detailed artifact analysis, and other specialized analytical studies in support of both historic and prehistoric investigations. Public outreach and involvement is always a big part of our work to help build consensus between clients, agencies, and communities.

Our services include:

  • Federal, State, and Municipal Agency Coordination
  • Archeological Impact Evaluation, Survey, Testing, and Data Recovery services
  • Artifact Analysis, Reporting, and Curation
  • Geomorphological Studies and Specialized Analysis
  • Historical Archival Research and Oral Histories
  • Environmental Assessments- Constraints Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Probability Models, and NEPA Documentation and Report Production.
  • Research Designs and Cultural Resource Management Plans
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Cultural Heritage Planning

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