State Highway 45 Southwest

Project Name: State Highway 45 Southwest

Project Location: Travis and Hays Counties, Texas

Project Type: Environmental Compliance Management

Owner: Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Hicks & Company serves as the Independent Environmental Compliance Manager for the SH 45 Southwest Highway Construction Project and is responsible for ensuring the project is in compliance with the Environmental Compliance Management Plan (ECMP) and Water Pollution Abatement Plan (WPAP), including all applicable environmental laws and regulations, during construction; monitoring construction activities and advising the Contractor and construction management team regarding environmental regulatory compliance; and ensuring compliance with environmental commitments and requirements. Specific services include providing environmental training in support of the Contractor’s Environmental Training Program, conducting environmental compliance inspections of BMPs, SW3P areas, sensitive environmental feature buffers, sensitive feature integrity, overall environmental commitment compliance, and conducting water quality monitoring at Bear Creek. Additionally, the company employs USFWS permitted biologists to conduct surveys for threatened or endangered avian species, monitor nesting activity of migratory birds, and establish protective buffers to avoid and minimize impacts during the duration of construction.