MoPac Improvement Project

Project Name: MoPac Improvement Project

Project Location: Austin, Travis County, Texas

Project Type: Environmental Compliance Management

Owner: Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Hicks & Company is providing an independent Environmental Compliance Manager, meeting the criteria set forth in the Design-Build Agreement. The ECM is responsible for directing the efforts of the Environmental Teams in developing and implementing the Environmental Protection Program (EPP) and maintaining adherence to the Project’s Environmental Commitments throughout the term of the design-build project delivery schedule. Pre-construction and construction compliance management requires the development, approval, implementation and oversight of the overall Project EPP component parts; including the Project Mitigation Plan, the Hazardous Materials Management Plan, the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P), an Edwards Aquifer Water Pollution Abatement Plan (WPAP), the Environmental Protection Training Program (EPTP), the Construction Monitoring Plan (CMP), Karst Feature Discovery and the Environmental Permits, Issues, and Commitments (EPIC) plan. Additionally, construction phase oversight requires development and implementation of an environmental monitoring and reporting program under the direction of the ECM and consistent with the EPP and DBA requirements, but also to effectively communicate project environmental commitments/requirements.