US 290 Noise Modeling

Project Name: US 290 Noise Modeling

Project Location: Harris County, Texas

Project Type: Traffic Noise Analysis

Owner: TxDOT Houston District

Hicks & Company managed a FEIS-Approved Barrier Re-evaluation under which we prepared and updated traffic data in 2035 TNM models and re-ran TNM to determine impacted receivers using updated 2035 HGAC traffic. Hicks & Company then performed edge-of-Right-of-Way barrier analyses for any new impacts determined from the updated 2035 TNM. The project included one barrier analysis of an FEIS-approved barrier as proposed; four barrier analyses of FEIS-approved barriers with off-ROW barrier extensions and eleven new off-ROW barriers; and a stand-alone Traffic Noise Analysis Report to include discussions of evaluation for impacts identified in 2035 TNM, FEIS-approved barriers, and new on- and off-ROW barriers. This work was accompanied by graphics to reflect re-evaluation of FEIS-approved barriers and new on- and off-ROW barriers. The final portion of the project included an Edge of Pavement (EOP) Barrier Evaluation which included 8-foot high barriers at the EOP along the main lanes as well as evaluation of managed lanes and ramps and direct connectors for Beltway 8 and I-610 from SH 6/FM 1960 to I-610. We produced graphics illustrating impacts and noise reductions from EOP barriers; text and graphics were included as an amendment to the stand-alone Traffic Noise Analysis Report.