AEG Texas Chapter Fall 2018 Meeting: Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop, Boerne Texas; October 5-7, 2018

Hicks & Company was a sponsor of the 5th Annual Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop held at the Cave Without a Name in Boerne, Texas (, attended by Hicks & Company’s geologists Pat Frost, P.G., and Jordan Aldridge. The Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop consisted of a well-organized series of training sessions led by knowledgeable professionals in their field for a range of topics covering the collection, processing, analysis and evaluation of hydrologic and geologic field data for students and professionals. Set up began on Friday, with participants coming in to camp and having discussions about on-going and completed research at the evening “Lightning Talks.” Sessions were held on Saturday including exploring wet caves, learning about emerging contaminants in drinking water, modeling groundwater, and understanding more about karst features. On Saturday night, attendees went down into the Cave Without a Name for the keynote address: “Listen to the Hole in the Ground” by Dr. Todd Halihan, a Professor of Geology at Oklahoma State University and Chief Technical Officer for Aestus, LLC.  Saturday night ended with another round of “Lightning Talks” inspiring discussion on research that will soon be published. Sessions were held on Sunday as well and included an additional opportunity for a cave geology tour of Cave Without a Name (assisted by Pat Frost). The workshop grounds were then returned to their previous condition applying “the leave no trace” concept.