13925638_1208420115855204_4884936120280973362_oWhew! It’s been a busy summer but not so busy that we can’t post this. On behalf of the company, AmaTerra Archaeology Program Manager Nick Trierweiler accepted the Texas Historical Commission’s Award of Merit a short while ago. This commemorates AmaTerra’s role in conducting an intensive archaeological survey of the City of New Braunfels’ Landa Park Golf Course that was preparing for a large course improvement. Finds from the survey partially dictated how the new course’s bunkers, water features, and other topographic elements would be designed. Also, AmaTerra worked with archaeologists from Hicks & Company (also Award of Merit recipients, pictured above) in turning the Landa Park survey field data into a series of interpretive signs located at the new tees that, through the course of a round of golf, tell the story the prehistoric inhabitants of the area and the course itself. Way to go! Photo taken at the Texas State Capitol, July 21, 2016.