Texas Historical Commission Travel Writing

Project Name: Texas Historical Commission Travel Writing

Project Location: Texas (statewide)

Project Type: Heritage Travel Guide Site Descriptions

Owner: Texas Historical Commission

Hicks & Company historians were contracted by the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to visit over 150 historic sites across the state and produce site descriptions for their Heritage Travel Guide, Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy. Part of the THC’s Heritage Trails Program, the guide is divided into ten heritage regions and provides information on cultural and historic sites, highlighting key themes such as art and architecture, civil rights, and settlement patterns. Hicks & Company historians managed a team of travel writers and edited content for historic accuracy and consistency with thematic contexts. The educational guide was designed to engage a general audience in heritage tourism and encourage travel throughout the state. Travel descriptions often highlighted lesser-known aspects of a site’s history by focusing on significant Tejano themes. The guide was published by the Texas Historical Commission in May 2015 and is available to view or download here.