Select Preservation Projects

Killeen High School National Register of Historic Places Nomination  – Killeen, Texas

Killeen 01

Hicks & Company’s Preservation Team completed a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the original Killeen High School. Built in 1923, the school served all grades until WWII when Killeen’s population exploded with the establishment of Fort Hood and additional schools were built. After being decommissioned by the school district, Killeen’s oldest extant school building was rehabilitated (in 1993) and now serves as Killeen’s City Hall . The nomination package, funded by a Certified Local Government grant, includes a historic context focusing on education in Killeen, a detailed architectural description, registration requirements and photographic documentation.

The property was officially listed by the National Park Service in May 2015.

Killeen Historic Resources Windshield Survey  – Killeen, Texas

Killeen Survey

In 2013 Hicks & Company completed a windshield survey of historic-age neighborhoods within the Killeen city limits. The purpose of the survey was to provide the City with a broad view of its historic resources and identify neighborhoods that might qualify for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). While Killeen’s historic downtown core had been previously surveyed and listed in the NRHP, the city’s mid-century neighborhoods associated with the establishment of Fort Hood during WWII had not been previously documented.

Using historic maps and archival research to document the physical development of Killeen, Hicks & Company historians identified historic-age neighborhoods and developed a historic context for the city’s post-WWII growth. The windshield survey documented the physical characteristics and integrity of the identified neighborhoods. The project, funded through a Certified Local Government Grant from the Texas Historical Commission, will serve as a planning tool to aid the City in setting preservation priorities and distributing its efforts across diverse communities and resource types.

San Antonio River Authority Westside Creeks Section 106 Survey and Coordination – San Antonio, Texas


Hicks & Company conducted a historic resources survey for a proposed trail system and associated park improvements on San Antonio’s west side. The Cultural Resources team developed historic contexts for neighborhoods in the project area and completed a reconnaissance survey including Elmendorf and Woodlawn Lake Parks. Working closely with the City of San Antonio and the Texas Historical Commission, the team made determinations of eligibility for individual resources as well as districts, and assessed the impact of the proposed project on National Register-eligible resources in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Henrietta Safe Routes to School Section 106 Survey and Coordination – Henrietta, Texas

Henrietta 02

The City of Henrietta, Texas received a Safe Routes to School grant to improve walking and biking routes to the elementary and junior high schools. The grant, administered through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), required compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act to assess the project’s impacts to historic resources. Because the approximately four-and-a-half miles of new sidewalks and other improvements traversed many historic-age residential neighborhoods and Henrietta’s courthouse square, Hicks & Company worked closely with grant manager, GrantWorks Inc., as well as TxDOT and the City to coordinate compliance with Section 106.

Historians conducted a reconnaissance survey of the project area and documented over 100 historic-age resources, including six individually eligible resources and three eligible historic districts. Project impacts to eligible resources were assessed, and project plans were modified to avoid adverse impacts to eligible resources.


Texas Historical Commission Hispanic Heritage Travel Guide – Statewide

Aztlan Park mural (2)

Hicks & Company historians produced site descriptions for the Texas Historical Commission Heritage Travel Guide, Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy (published 2015). Descriptions for the over 150 sites visited throughout the state convey significant themes in Tejano history, often highlighting lesser-known aspects of a sites history, and were designed to engage a general audience in heritage tourism.

Click here to see the Guide.

Rural Travis County Historic Resource Surveys – Travis County, Texas

NE Travis County New Sweden Church

Hicks & Company has conducted two phases of a rural historic resource survey for the Travis County Historical Commission: Northeast Travis County followed by the Webberville area. Historic contexts, based on archival research and oral history interviews, were developed for the project areas and followed by field survey to identify, map, and photograph all historic-age resources. Each resource was assigned a low, medium, or high preservation priority based on it’s significance and physical integrity. The survey, funded by a Certified Local Government grant from the Texas Historical Commission, will assist the county in prioritizing its preservation efforts in the rapidly changing rural areas of the county.