Hicks & Company’s Planning Program specializes in social and economic analysis required for regulatory compliance and community and regional planning projects.  Our planning professionals are trained in specialized socioeconomic issues such as environmental justice, Section 4(f) evaluations, indirect and cumulative impact assessment. The firm’s planning practitioners support a variety of community and regional projects, including transportation infrastructure and water resources. They also excel in public participation techniques that work effectively and efficiently to coordinate project objectives and community needs. Their interdisciplinary training allows them to distill the most important project issues and facilitate communication between the project team, the regulatory agencies, and the public.

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Regulatory Compliance

  • NEPA Documents (EISs,EAs,CEs)
  • Borrower’s Environmental Reports (BERs) and Environmental Information Documents (EIDs)
  • Community Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Justice Analysis (Executive Order 12898)
  • Limited English Proficiency Analysis (Executive Order 13166)
  • Airport Land Use and Noise Studies (FAA Part 150)
  • Noise Impacts and Mitigation Measures
  • Air Quality Analysis
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Major Investment and Feasibility Studies
  • Socioeconomic Studies
  • Land Use Impacts and Constraints Analysis
  • Population and Employment Forecasts
  • Public Participation

Community and Regional Planning

  • Streets, Highways, Tollroads and Bridges
  • Passenger and Freight Rail
  • Transit Facilities
  • Airports
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  • Historic Preservation
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation, Damage Assessment, and Mitigation Planning
  • Water Resources Evaluation and Planning